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One of our very favorite weddings at HeartStone Ranch can be seen featured on Style Me Pretty.  Some of our Vintage Rentals are on display in the photos.  Look for our Harvest Tables, our Lovely Cake Table among other items.



Vintage Photo Booth

So many Photo Booth ideas for Weddings!

How about the delightful one from HeartStone Vintage Rentals?

Now offering 20% off to HeartStone Ranch Brides.


For years to come you and your guests will be able to have fun, classy photos to remember your special day.  Our Vintage Photo Booth is a timeless way to record your guests attendance. Guests have told us they like it a bit better than the usual corny props with other photo booths.  We agree, of course.

We offer two different packages:


Basic Package: $300

Includes 40 Vintage Hats, Vintage Hat Rack, 4 Vintage Frames (small, medium, large and extra large), Small Vintage Table, selection of Vintage Props (including signs, and other vintage goodies), Vintage Arbor, 2 Vintage Chairs and a Vintage Trunk.  With this package a friend or family member can take the photos with their own camera.

Complete Package: $450


Includes all items listed in the Basic Package plus a HeartStone Vintage Rental employee for 3 hours. A quality camera is used, to take pictures and provide a flash drive with all pictures.

*We do have a Polaroid camera available, however the film cost is additional.






We know that this will bring lots of fun and entertainment to your wedding!!  Email us for more details about renting our Vintage Photo Booth!

Hope you are having a wonderful Spring! Kathleen

Wine Barrels



Just because your not getting hitched at a winery, doesn’t mean you can’t capture the feeling of rolling hills and vinyards for your special day!

Wine Barrel Gift Table on PinterestWine barrels as décor for your nuptials is becoming a wedding trend that we wanted to share.  We have collected some photos from Pinterest to help inspire brides and show off this fantastic idea.

buffet wine barrel tableCapturing the rustic and romantic feeling, wine barrels can be used in many different ways to help enhance the theme of your wedding.

Using two Wine Barrels connected with a wood slab or board to make a table is a super cute idea. These tables work great for the buffet table, dessert table or  gift table.  Also a single barrel can be great as the guest sign in table!

Wood Slab between Wine Barrels for Buffet Table


Our full Wine Barrels are $45 per barrel to rent.  The tops of our Harvest Tables look wonderful and work great for the table tops and are rented for $30 and measure 8 feet long.  If you wanted something a little more stylized,  our vintage wooden doors also work and look great and rent for $20 each and measure 6 1/2 feet long.


Keep checking back to our blog for latest trends and ideas from HeartStone Vintage Rentals!



Children’s Harvest Table

Hello All!

We wanted to let you know about one of our newest rental items available at HeartStone Vintage Rentals. One of our famously gorgeous Harvest Tables has been re-designed to fit your pint sized wedding guests!


 Accompanied with our small oak library chairs makes for an adorable set up and adds a special something that everyone will remember. Reasonably priced at $75.00, for the table and up to 14 chairs, we feel like this is a must have for any wedding with children attending.


To keep the little ones entertained during the Wedding Festivities, we suggest renting our Giant Chalkboard or perhaps some lawn games. These types of activities will keep them busy for hours, so that the Moms and Dads can enjoy the wedding fun!


More to come soon!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

“Homestead Chic” seems to be a top trend for 2013 Weddings. Many of our vintage treasures, from HeartStone Vintage Rentals, express this theme perfectly.

mikethezier equalsdphotography (2 photos)


Brides everywhere are requesting specialty items that speak out about them as a couple, for example wooden farm tables, chicken wire bird cages, suitcases, mismatched silver and personalized signs. Brides and Grooms alike, are  looking to Etsy and Pinterest for DIY inspiration, to give their wedding that distinct touch and personalized feel that is so important this year.  We have many of these items and more to help create the wedding of your dreams.


Once Couples choose a Venue, like HeartStone Ranch, they are deciding to use local foods & florals to make for a one of a kind wedding.  We had great success last year with our homemade wedding favors.  We offer Jams made from our homegrown berries and honey made by bees that are kept and cared for on the Ranch both of which were a real hit with the guests.  Some bride’s used our Lavender sprigs for accents and hunted the beaches for Heart shaped Stones.

The Color for 2013 is Mint and we are seeing it everywhere!  On the tables, mint in different shades are displayed through dishes, vases, platters and florals then to bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen’s ties and socks, photo-booth backdrops and wedding invitations.  The use of succulents instead of or along with florals, keeping the color theme, add a wonderful texture and interest to a bouquet.

We hope you had a wonderful Holiday and that 2013 brings you much love and happiness!  We are always willing to help come up with personalized wedding décor and answer any questions you may have.  Don’t forget to check out our inventory first, before looking elsewhere, we might just have everything you need!


We would love to hear from you and happy planning!   Kathleen

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