“Happiness is a place between too little and too much”

Kathleen is an incurable romantic and avid collector of lovely things that surround her and her family with original style and personality.  A mother of four really great children, now adults, she has a Wedding Venue Business at HeartStone Ranch, creates gift baskets, loves photography and rescues horses that she trains to ride and drive. She is a former retail business owner, designed and built several homes but for now she is focused on HeartStone Ranch as a Wedding Venue & Vacation destination as well as Vintage Rentals.

Kathleen’s daughter was recently married and wanted a Vintage, Rustic and Romantic Outdoor Wedding. A very happy reason to abandon all good sense and shop. Her sister has an antique business in Paso Robles and together they searched from Long Beach all the way to the Napa Wine Country and back for wonderful things for the wedding. Throw in Ebay, flea markets, Craigslist, antique stores and the “Goodwill Tour” all combined for a house, garage, barn and storage unit full of delightful, beautiful, funky, rustic, unique and wonderful stuff, so much stuff. Along the way, Kathleen decided that she better make a business out of all this “too much” stuff. And besides, planning a wedding around the vintage theme was really, really fun…

So there you go, now the “whole kit and kaboodle” is available for rent with pictures on line and contact information.

I look forward to hearing about your future plans and sharing my treasures with you.


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